stop begging at the table

How To Stop Your Dog From Begging at The Table

Begging at the table is a common behavior that most dog owners complain about. It is made worse by the fact that most people pity their dogs when they beg and feed them from the table. In doing so, this behavior is reinforced, and the dog will expect to be fed when he begs.

Since begging is almost caused by your behavior as a dog owner, it is pretty easy to prevent and manage. Here’s what to do if you are afraid that your dog’s begging is becoming a serious behavioral issue.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Begging at the Table?


If you are seeking a solution for this behavior, do this training:

  • Avoid feeding your dog at the dinner table. 
  • When your dog begs, stand up and use your body to block him. Use the cue ‘back’ and a hand signal while doing this. 
  • When your dog is far enough from the dinner table, ask him to ‘stay.’
  • Repeat this process if he tries to come back to the table. This will show him that he is not welcome to approach.
  • Body blocking is how dogs control space from other dogs. Therefore, when you block him, it sends a clear message. When blocking him, do not move or yell at the dog. However, you might need to do this several times before he understands, so be patient. 

So To Get Rid of This Bad Behaviour?

Do not assume begging is a cute behavior as it could get out of hand quickly. To make this training easier, begin when there is no food on the table and introduce the behavior gradually. Remember to increase the value of the food as the dog learns this skill. 


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