stop your dogs nuisance jumping behaviour

How To Stop Your Dog’s Nuisance Jumping behavior 


Naturally, your dog will jump when he sees you because he is excited and as a means to get your attention. However, some dogs jump when someone new is at your door because they feel uneasy, and jumping helps them to ease such discomfort.

Regardless of the reason that your dog is jumping, this behavior is not acceptable for dogs. If you are worried about your dog’s nuisance jumping behavior, worry no more. You can fix and manage it using these positive training techniques.

How do I stop my dog from jumping?

Ignoring your dog when he is jumping is the best way to stop him from jumping. Follow these steps for the best results:

Turn your back on your dog (literally) every time he jumps at you. 

  • Avoid touching, looking at, or talking to him as he does this act. Fold your arms so that you seem bored and uninterested. 
  • Soon as he stops jumping and all four paws are on the floor, wait for about five seconds, and then reward him with your attention.
  • Repeat this process whenever your dog jumps.
  • Make sure that he practices this with your friends and family so that he unlearns to display this behavior for everyone.

FAQs About Dog’s Unwanted Jumping

What if my dog jumps at guests only, and it’s hard to control this behavior?

Control your dog’s environment by putting him in a different room until he is calm. When he stops jumping, bring him to your guests on a leash and ask him to sit. When he learns to stop jumping on the leash, try this exercise off the leash.

What Should I Be Doing?

If your dog keeps jumping when you ignore him, it means that you gave him attention before when he jumped. Be a little patient and know that eventually, he will give up. 


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