stop your dogs nuisance chewing behaviour

How To Stop Your Dog’s Nuisance Chewing Habits

Is your dog engaging in destructive chewing that is directed to anything other than his chew toys? Well, this is a tell-tale sign of deeper behavioral issues. For dogs, chewing serves as a stress reliever, and it releases endorphins into their bodies, which elevate their mood.

As with any other behavioral issues, it is wise to take your dog for a medical check-up as soon as you notice nuisance chewing. This will help to rule out any medical causes that might be driving the behavior.

Mostly, dogs engage in nuisance chewing due to problems such as separation anxiety. If you notice that your dog is chewing on the door or window frames, he might be trying to get out of the house. 

How Can I Stop My Dog’s Nuisance Chewing?

To stop your dog’s chewing behavior:

  • Enrich his life and ensure that he exercises. Exercise keeps your dog from being bored and lonely, and tires him, leaving him no energy to engage in destructive behaviors.
  • Give your dog chew toys that can withstand hard chewing.
  • If you find your dog chewing on something that he shouldn’t, say ‘no’ and replace it with a chew toy. Praise him once he chews on the toy.
  • Play interactive games with your dog to enrich his life and allow him to release all excessive energy. Also, you can find a sport that your dog likes and ensure that he plays it often. 
  • Use baby gates to keep your dog in a chew-resistant room when he’s unsupervised. Ensure that this room is next to the areas that you spend most of your time in so that he does not feel isolated.
  • Hire a professional trainer if these suggestions are unsuccessful as the behavior might point to deeper anxiety issues.

Make sure that you help the dog break his nuisance chewing habit as soon as you notice it. Doing so will prevent him from destroying your staff, or even worse, eating something that might block his intestines. 


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