How to teach your dog to stand

How to Teach Your Dog to Stand

The ‘stand’ cue teaches your dog to rise form the lying down and sitting position, and not to move after standing. This cue is one of the important, but rarely taught cues. 

For some older and larger dogs, the sit and down cues can be quite challenging. The stand cue serves as a great alternative if you want these dogs to avoid repetitive actions.

When Can You Use the Stand Cue?

You can use the stand cue you want your dog to:

  • Stop sitting or lying down but not come to you.
  • Work on your dog’s communication and impulse control skills.
  • Stand up and stay still during a visit to the vet.
  • Stand up as part of a game.

How to Train Your Dog to Stand Up

Note that before doing this game, your dog’s hand targeting skills need to be very strong. To train your dog to stand:

  • Tell your puppy to sit or down, depending on which cue he responds to better.
  • Once the dog sits or downs, put your hand up and ask him to touch. Naturally, the dog will stand to touch your hand.

How to teach your dog to stand

  • Repeat this exercise several times, then begin to present the hand and before his nose contacts it, ask him to sit, and then immediately ask him to stand.
  • Repeat this several times, too, and treat and praise the dog.
  • Stop using your hand and give the command only. Treat and praise the dog when he responds. 


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